The latest developments within AEL Berkman, as well as events that have a direct influence on our operations and articles that show insight in our industry.

09 August 2019At AEL Berkman, we find it important to continuously invest in our People Capability. The last two days, our GMT and Branch Managers have participated in the second part of our Management Training "Becoming a Change Agile Leader". This time we learned about our personality type, and how we would function best in our team. Next, we learned about leading change based on the new vision we set for the company. Thank you Jeannie Luk for another successful session!
25 July 2019In our industry we hear about the Belt & Road initiative on many occasions. The rail connection between China and Europe. In addition to this, Shanghai is also making significant investments for inland Rail traffic, to promote a Rail-Sea connection.
08 June 2019Please note that both our China and Hong Kong offices will be closed on Friday June 7th due to the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday. At AEL Berkman, we like to share China & Hong Kong's heritage with our partners worldwide, so have a look and learn about the legend behind this special day!
Dragon Boat Festival 2019
05 June 2019Today is World Environment Day. What is your company doing to contribute to a better environment? At AEL Berkman we are investing in new IT-solutions which will dramatically lower the use of paper in our company. Saving the environment, one tree at a time.